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Meet the eSteem

Blog, vote, share pictures and get paid

What is eSteem?

Features at a glance

Social Features

All social features, posting, commenting, voting, bookmarking, drafting posts and engaging with users.

Push Notifications

Real-time notifications for each new comment, mention, follow, unfollow, vote, transfers.

Track Your Followers

Review and search each new follower's profile, posts. Discover new users.

Personalize and Multi-accounts

Personalize your profile by setting profile and cover pictures, location, website, about info. Add multiple accounts for convenient switch.


Secure your profile/app with additional PIN code and back up your passwords.


Change more settings, adjust voting weight, notifications, connections, currencies, platform, languages.

The Road To Free Speech and Financial Freedom

Censorship-free speech is the one of the main goals of eSteem and Steem/Golos platform as well as bring financial freedom to individuals. We achieve these goals by bringing more tools and possibilities for people so that transition will be non-violent, voluntary and smooth.

"It's the time I must bear while the change process is at work, but the result still doesn't show up."

If we manage to endure this particular process, then we may achieve almost any goal that we propose in our lives. We created eSteem to help you go through these processes and start building your financial freedom and future.

How it Works

All data is stored and powered by Steem/Golos blockchain which means data is uncensorable, decentralized, once it is in blockchain it always stays there. By contributing, posting, curating valuable content you earn cryptocurrency or tokens that are valuable by demand.

Your earnings (tokens) have market driven value that can be used for buying goods, exchanging, investing, saving, etc.

  • Start with a posting valuable content
  • Curate content
  • Comment, engage, have fun
  • Earn rewards
  • Improve your life.

We Are Different

We believe, we know, we can.


Because we are convinced that improving your quality of life is possible. Because we know that this possibility is available to everyone. And because we truly believe this is a choice, there are no magical recipes to achieve a free speech and financial freedom other than true desire to go get it, use proven blockchain solutions and tools that allow this to happen.


By allowing you to be aware of your financial and social status, feeling them as part of your daily life eSteem will continue to bring value back to you. If you can express yourself without censorship and know value of your attention, gain financial freedom, future and well-being of society comes automatically and that's our goal.


For all this we created eSteem, an app that will easily give you the power to influence in community, society and easily contribute value and gain social reputation and ultimately financial freedom. Together, we can build better future.

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